One Quality Every Good Leader Should Have

Our society prizes good leaders in every walk of life. From sports to business, the value of a good leader cannot be understated. Good leaders inspire the people around them to pursue excellence and provide groups with a sense of stability and direction. While it is easy to believe good leaders are born rather than made, most people can develop good leadership qualities through practice and continual self-awareness. Being fully present and available is one quality anyone can develop with a little effort.

Renowned business executive Kye Giscombe has learned the qualities necessary for good leadership through his many years of experience building up companies such as Contact Sports, Inc. and Estate Law Center. Kye Giscombe advises, “The first step to becoming a good leader can be as simple as just being present for the people around you. Treat your colleagues with humility and respect. Be an active listener as your colleagues work through their daily challenges. The small act of giving people your full attention shows them they are valued and makes them more enthusiastic about following your leadership.”

Active listening builds trust between you and your colleagues. No employee wishes to follow a boss who brushes off their concerns, acts insensitively toward their challenges, and deflates team spirit by failing to provide adequate support. Good leadership is not merely about exercising your authority, but also about being consistently available to the people you work with.

Kye Giscombe continues, “If you are in a position of leadership, people are watching everything you do, whether you realize it or not. That’s why you have to be consistent about how you treat others in your workplace. You don’t have the luxury of brushing people off when you’re in a bad mood. Once you enter the doors of your office, you have to be fully present every day.”