How Does My Spending Compare?

Credit report repair can take an inordinate amount of time and patience and even more importantly, improving credit requires serious analysis of your current finances. For example, have you ever looked at your monthly statements and wondered how people in neighboring or far-away cities spend their money compared to you and yours? A new website called “Bundle” at “is the first site to show you how other people spend their money.” At Bundle, you can scratch the surface, or “dig a little deeper” to get a more in-depth analysis, looking at minimums, average and extremes (hey, and those extremes usually make us all feel a little better, right?) regarding cost of living in each city. You can even check out popular establishments where “your neighbors” are be spending their hard-earned cash. Another great way to use this website it to compare spending between a city you live in versus a city you may be interested in relocating to- what is the cost of living in Denver versus Brooklyn? For more guidance about improving credit, you may consider contacting a reputable credit repair services company like Vitesse Financial.

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