Christian Recovery Programs for Troubled Teens

Parents have many options when it comes to helping troubled teens get back on the straight and narrow path. Although it may seem like a dark and difficult time, with a little guidance and support, your troubled teen can be provided with the positive atmosphere they need to change. Whether your teen is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction or has been displaying criminal or problem behavior, Christian recovery programs can be the solution to you and your child’s needs.

Christian recovery programs such as Heartlight Ministries are specifically designed to work with and solve troubled teen issues. Unlike long-term boarding schools, these programs usually last between nine to 12 months, depending on the teen’s willingness to change and complete the programs. The program offers professional counseling services, including individual and group sessions each week. Most importantly, the program focuses on love and relationships instead of forced or harsh tactics that typically break a teen’s spirit. According to the program, this type of setting and therapy for troubled teens addresses the spiritual needs of the students first so that true healing can be obtained.

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