Work from Home Revolution Yields Opportunity for Local Small Businesses

Lucy Lyle, entrepreneur and former CEO of Perch, said, “Based on my experience, the self-motivated employees who know how to create a good work environment for themselves tend to do best with remote work.” Remote workers take initiative and feel a sense of responsibility to do their best entrusted to work independently away from a traditional office setup.

There are many advantages to working from home and since the pandemic, small businesses have benefited in various ways. Lucy Lyle has highlighted many advantages, one of the most obvious is that you keep your overhead costs down. This can add up to a big saving in rent, utilities, commuting, and office supplies.

Working from home offers flexibility which is beneficial for life-work balance and promotes job satisfaction. When a company operates in different time zones this is a functional way to keep everyone on schedule and a business can operate 24/7 quite efficiently.

Small businesses have the opportunity to thrive and grow with a remote team. Studies have shown that there are fewer distractions when working from home and resulting in higher productivity. If you can manage your time correctly you will be able to ensure that your work and hobbies fit easily into your days.

When small businesses decide to open their positions to remote workers they are attracting people from all over the world. This way of recruiting new staff can strengthen your workforce by employees contributing diverse perspectives and ideas to the business.

To summarize, small businesses can find this new method of hiring remote workers very efficient and cost-effective and it brings in new talent. It is a flexible option that can have a positive effect on production. Lucy Lyle suggests that many remote workers feel valued and less stressed when working from a home office.