Winning Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Article by Memorable Gifts.

The holidays can be so much fun and everyone has a favorite tradition. One of those is the Secret Santa gift. This is usually done at the office or in large families. All the names are put in a hat and everyone draws a name out. They have to buy a gift for that person. The downside is that you may not know the person very well. What do they like? What’s their favorite color?

Below, we go over some great Secret Santa gift ideas that are sure to please.

Reindeer Christmas Stocking: These adorable Christmas stockings can be personalized.  With Secret Santa, you do usually know the person’s name. There are lots of different styles and colors and these are often used over and over for many years. This one’s definitely a winner.

Bourina Textured Throw: These warm blanket throws can be used to adorn a couch or chair but they’re very good for keeping your legs warm on a cold night. They come in 16 different colors.

Glass Candy Jar: These Personalized Christmas Candy Glass Jars are cute and useful. Fill them with your favorite candy and set them out for guests. You can change out the red ribbon all through the year for other holidays.

Bronze Keepsake Ornament: This Victorian style ornament will be used over and over, each year. It’s engraved with the recipient’s name and it’s adorable.

Desk Organizer with Twin Photo Frames: This Desk Organizer would be a great gift for someone at the office. It has all the places to store pens and letter openers, plus it has room for two photos. It can be personalized with the name of the recipient.

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