Why Satellite Internet May Not Be the Best Internet for Rural Gaming

Satellite Internet is a popular choice for Internet for rural areas because of its accessibility, high performance, and impressive technological advancements. Despite the admirable nature of satellite Internet, it may not be the best Internet for rural gaming because of its inherent weaknesses.

Satellite Internet’s biggest weakness is its high latency, which is a result of the distance Internet signals have to travel from satellites in outer space to satellite dishes on the top of rural homes. Latency, or the delay created by this distance, is responsible for phenomena such as lag and rubberbanding. When gamers experience these irritating issues, their experience playing online multiplayer games gets considerably more frustrating and difficult. Because of these game-breaking distractions, many players can lose close matches in games that require the utmost precision and timing such as first-person shooters like Valorant and Overwatch.

If you plan to use your Internet connection for online multiplayer games, you may be better off getting mobile Internet service from a provider such as UbiFi. UbiFi and other mobile Internet companies use terrestrial technology, namely cell towers in rural America, to provide Internet signals to rural households. The shorter distance between cell towers and rural homes results in less of a delay when data is transmitted. This creates lower latency and faster download speeds that can help users experience online gaming with much fewer issues and disturbances than satellite Internet. Be sure to check if you are within the coverage area of a mobile Internet company like UbiFi before signing up for Internet service. The quality of your online experience may vary based on how close to a cell tower you are.