What a Movie Director Does

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Article by Herb Kimble.

A movie director is one who directs the making of the film. He creates an overall vision towards which the movie is realized. He has the artistic eye to frame shots. The movie director aids in the casting of actors. He also approves the use of costumes. A movie would be a confused piece of work without the presence of a movie director. The director is the artistic head of a movie.

An aspiring film director should start off in a film school. The aspiring film director should then practice by making shots and showing them to others for their opinion.

There are three main phases to the job of directing a movie. This is the most important step in film making. It is at this step where the director and his crew translate the idea into a plan. The success of a movie is determined at this step. The next step is the production step. This is the most stressful and exciting step. The post production step is the last step in making a movie. This is the most gratifying step in the whole process. A film director is the one who coordinates all this steps. The director organizes and sees each step through.

A film director has to know how to get attention for his work. This may entail attending film festivals. These festivals are contests amongst film directors present their work to an audience and adjudicators.

Film making is a tough job. One should have a lot of perseverance once they join this industry. It id unrealistic to join the industry and immediately expect returns.