Wedding Essentials

A lot goes into a successful wedding reception. From the food to the dinnerware to the music, the details make all the difference. One detail that goes a long way in making your guests feel welcome is personalized napkins. Available in a huge range of colors and designs, these are usually paper napkins inscribed with the names of the bride and groom or with some message that corresponds to the event. In most cases, personalized napkins are sold by the hundred and are priced very affordably, often under 20 dollars per order. You can use a design of your own or let the company select the most fitting design for you.

Are far as centerpieces go, there is almost endless selection of options, although one that has become quite popular over the past few years is floating candles. These are usually small candles, often flower-shaped, floating peacefully atop a small glass bowl of water. They are a unique alternative to traditional centerpieces, which can edge toward the ostentatious side. Floating candles are elegant, serene, and best all—affordable.

One of the most important—and underestimated—elements of any wedding reception is tablecloths. The occasion and number of guests should usually dictate which type of tablecloth you choose. Linen is the preferred type among most people, but it can be expensive, and there is always the issue of cleanliness. For these reasons, many people have begun to use taffeta instead; aside from being cheaper than linen, taffeta is often more festive than linen and available in a wider spectrum of colors.