Tips on Renovating an Old Retro Camper

Summary: Instilling life back into that old camper of yours is doable. Here are some tips on how you can do it.

Tired of seeing that old camper in the back rot away? Maybe it’s time to put on your DIY pants and start pulling out the old, dusty tool set.

Like most campers built decades ago, they’re in need of a major overhaul. Rust starts building up, creepy crawlers find their way inside, and things just start falling apart. But, don’t let these things deter you from trying to restore one back to its former glory.

Start With a Clean Slate

The first thing you’ll want to do is to completely gut the camper down to the studs. This way, you’ll have a brand new framework to work with, and a blank canvas so to speak. Everything that’s not attached to the frame itself needs to go.

Once you’ve managed to trim all that excess weight off, it’s time to pick and choose a select theme or style you want to wrap your camper around. Do you want to keep its old appeal and infuse some modernity into it, or are you looking to completely revamp the entire image?

Prepare the Interior

Next up are the furnishings within the camper that include: shelves, chairs, cushions, flooring, battery supply, curtains, and more. Most of these pieces can be found at your local hardware store, unless you want something custom designed for you. Don’t forget about the seating. If all goes to well, you’re going to be taking your camper out for a test drive or even a mini vacation. Those old seats that have been baking in the sun for the last decade or so are long gone.

Get It Up and Running

If your camper’s dead on the water, you can opt to repair it yourself, barring you understand how to the engine and everything works, or you can take it to a local mechanic and have him do the job for you. Ideally, you’ll want a mechanic to at least take a look at it to see what needs to be replaced and what needs to be tuned up.

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