Tips on how to complain and get results

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Although some people may be hesitant to complain, avoiding a complaint will mean managing with an unsatisfactory product or service. Complaining correctly will make the complaint process a positive experience, that can help customers solve a problem and save money.

The following steps will ensure that your complaints are heard and resolved.  

Before complaining – Start by collecting all relevant documentation that will help strengthen your case. There are many ways of complaining they include complaining in person, over the phone, or online. Choose a method that is convenient and appropriate to address your problem.

Discussing a problem – When discussing a problem over the phone or in person start by discussing the issue in a calm, reasonable manner. Always have evidence of your purchase which can help customer service personnel gather more information. During the conversation let the company know what form of compensation you would like to achieve.

Written complaint – A written complaint works best for complaints that require detail. Remember to include copies of receipts, contracts, and advertising material that will strengthen your case.

Online complaints – Complaining online using websites such as, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and government websites such as BBB, are another effective way to complain. Since these reviews are publicly viewed companies tend to address these complaints sooner than when the company is directly contacted. To ensure a review is authentic to the reader, add as much detail in the review and include accurate dates, times, and the reason why the product or service failed to meet its standards.

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