Tips for Choosing a Beaded Grandmothers Bracelet

Besides Bali bracelets, one of the most popular kinds of bracelets is a beaded grandmothers bracelet. Here are some tips for choosing the right one.

  • Know the wrist size – When you are choosing a bracelet, it’s a good idea to have an idea of the person’s wrist size.  Most of the bracelets are around 7 inches.  But they are often sizable to be shorter or longer.
  • Carefully examine bracelets – When you are shopping for faith bracelets or other beaded bracelets, look at what is on it.  Look at the small and large beads that are included in the piece of jewelry.  The large beads are going to make it look more dramatic and the smaller beads are demure.
  • Make the bracelet distinctive – If you are able to customize your bracelet with the beads that you want to have it, make sure that you are creating it to fit the person that you are giving it to.  To make the bracelet unique, add some additional gems and metalwork to the bracelet.  You can add gemstones which are the person’s gemstones if you are creating it for a special occasion, or you can put gemstones in it that reflect the family members if it’s for a mother or grandmother.

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