The Equipment Every Spray Tan Business Needs

Spray tanning has done a lot in a little amount of time. Though it’s been around for a lot longer than most people realize, it really became popular a few years ago when the public began learning about the true hazards of using tanning beds on a regular basis. In the future, it’s probable that body spray tanning will continue to grow in users and profits. As such, you might be thinking that spray tanning is something you’d like to do professionally. If so, keep reading to find out what you’ll need to succeed.

First, you must have the correct equipment and supplies. This starts with the airbrush tan solution, of course. But it’s important to also have the pre and post-tanning sprays you need as well. Furthermore, it’s to your benefit to have more than one kind to offer your customers. If this isn’t an option you can afford in the beginning, that’s understandable. But make this a short-term goal.

Secondly, a spray tan business cannot function without an airbrush gun. To make sure it functions correctly at all times, you will also want to purchase proper cleaning solution. No matter how great your tanning sprays are, they’ll be useless without a functioning applicator.

Lastly, if you plan on traveling to others’ locations in order to apply their tan, you’ll want to have an enclosure, like a spray tan tent, to keep their place clean. No matter how great you are at applying tan, no one will thank you if it comes at the cost of a mess.