The Equipment Every Mobile Spray Tan Business Needs

If you love spray tans, you might consider putting this passion to work by starting a mobile spray tan business. The great thing about the businesses, besides loving the work, is that you don’t need to invest the money it takes to have a physical business. You drive and meet your clients at their homes.

In order to serve a customer in their home, though, you need a reliable spray tan tent. These tents need to provide complete cover to your tanning, less the solutions make a mess in their home. No matter how good you are at applying the tan, they’ll never thank you if you damage parts of their home.

Of course, you’ll also need spray tan solutions and an airbrush gun to apply it. It’s best to offer your clients a variety of different solutions, so be sure to buy more than one kind. An organic airbrush tanning solution, for example, might be preferred by many of your clients (and some might be willing to pay extra for it).

Lastly, you should spend some time researching the airbrush guns themselves. While it’s worth it to pay for quality, keep in mind that much of its performance will depend on maintenance. Clean it thoroughly and often for best results.