Spiritual Growth and Creating Abundance

We often spend so much time working on our physical appearance. We exercise end join a gym. We take up jogging. We buy new clothes and new makeup. Sometimes we even have medical procedures done to change the way we look on the outside. But how many people spend time and money each month working on their spiritual growth?

These are all excellent topics from the book, Create Abundance by Chinese author, Zhang Xinyue. She reminds us of the value of working on the spiritual side of our lives. Though it can be challenging to change ourselves, it is necessary if we want to grow. Below are some practical steps you can take to start this process in your own life.

Make a list of the areas for you feel you need to change.

Ask others in your family or circle of friends what they believe is your biggest weakness.

Meditate each day on what you would like to see changed in your own life.

Try new things. One way that we can grow is simply by reaching out into the world around us and sampling new opportunities and endeavors.

Her book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue gives us many practical ways that we can launch out into a new adventure for our lives. We can become much more than we are today simply by meditating on the spiritual energy all around us.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundancehas said this:

“The kind of close and faithful relationship we long to have with our companion is a reward for the maturity of our spiritual growth.”