Solutions for Companies Who Want a US Address

Article by FRG News.

Even with the recession, the US is an economic powerhouse and still home to countless startups, entrepreneurs and other traditional forms of business. So it makes sense that you’d like an office for your company somewhere within the country. Unfortunately, this process comes with a world of red tape and no end to costs. If your company is not able to afford that at the moment, don’t worry, there are options.

For example, have you considered getting a virtual office complete with a virtual address? This is an inexpensive solution to your office needs as much of the services your company demands are all online. You essentially get the support your business needs without all the extraneous expenses.

Of course, that’s just one option. You can augment it further by adding USA mail forwarding to your company. This means you’ll have a completely legal, valid address in the United States for your company abroad. When mail is sent to that address, it will get automatically forwarded on to your actual office abroad. Having this address can lend you a world of credibility with an American market. But it will save you all the hassle and expense of actually having one. You might find you like this option so much that you stop trying to get a brick and mortar office altogether.

Don’t worry if your company can’t afford an American presence at the moment. The above two options can help you get the same exact benefits.