Searching for a Gift for Those that Love Simplicity? Try Household Accessories

Summary: Gifting can be one of the most strenuous and time-consuming events that you partake in. Here are some tips for that one friend you can never seem to find something for.

The holidays are just around the corner. While you’re shopping for different gifts for your loved ones, you suddenly come to a crossroads. What type of gift should you get for that one individual that has nearly everything?


One gift idea that is often underestimated focuses on simplicity. While people tend to give things that serve a purpose like a blender or a video game, why not take a different approach and gift him or her something that can be decorated or put up on a wall. Maybe you could consider getting a custom painting – which costs less than you might imagine – or even something that would look great inside a living room like a decorative piece.

You could even consider purchasing some cushions from The Foam Factory for example, some fabric, and turn it into a custom sofa cushion that’s perfect for lounging around and binge-watching the latest reality TV show. The options are endless.

Household Objects

If you notice someone needs something inside his or her house but you don’t think it would make a good gift, why not package it in the form of a bundle. For instance, let’s say your best friend just bought a nice boat and only has the accessories that came with the boat. Why not try and gift him something he can decorate his boat with like a comfy boat mattress, some outdoor cushions or even some decals of his favorite sports team. Be creative and try and think out of the box.

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