Personalized Gifts Create Stronger Memories

It can be excruciatingly difficult to come up with a good gift for your friends’ kids. With the increasing trend towards younger and younger children using electronics it can be easy to convince yourself to simply give them a new piece of technology. However, one should never forget the simple parts of being a kid and the different toys and presents we played with before the technology age.

One example of these old time gifts is personalized books. Whether it is a pop-out book or a picture book, giving a child a book with them as the main character can really trigger a child’s imagination. A personalized childrens book typically comes in male and female versions and some go even further than that. Decide by hair color, eye color, and even skin color to match the main character to the person you are giving it to.

Another option are personalized DVDs for kids. Although a little more technologically advanced than a book, these videos are a great option as well. Imagine the child watching a short cartoon or video about themselves with their own name embedded into the story. These are sure to create a long lasting memory for the gift receiver and will be treasured.

Consider these personalized options when deciding on a gift for a child. These types of gifts are really great if you want the parents to really feel like you put some effort into the gift and will create great memories for the kids themselves.