Military school: Sugar and spice?

With the changing roles of the sexes in society today, the proverbial poem that describes girls and in particular the phrase ‘sugar and spice; very nice…’ is largely turning out to be an outdated generalization, as the military school has become an establishment that is not only for boys as more and more women are opting to take on a life of ‘punishment’, so to speak.

And ever since the numbers have been rising, military schools for girls have become a reality in a world where only rule that stands the test of time is that the strong survive, as made popular by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

Truth be told that girls military schools will be much like any military establishment where there will be discipline, following orders and where both mental and physical abilities will be tested to the maximum, but this only done to improve the mental and physical toughness of each student. Not only will they have a trusted mentor who will show them the ropes but their time will be spent fruitfully both in academic assignments as well as sports and other physical challenges as well.

While one considers a youth military camp to be a precursor to boot camp (read: punishment), they will all agree that in graduating with honors from a military school is a matter of pride for any individual as in more ways than one they turn out to make their country, community and family  proud with their accomplishment going forward.