Making Indoor Parties Bloom with Silk Flowers and More

No matter what the occasion, garden parties are always in season! But what do we do when we want to have a garden-themed party, but it’s snowing outside or the weather simply not cooperating? It’s simple – bring the garden indoors with silk flowers! These gorgeous party décor look wonderful in any light, and what’s great is that they actually look real, one would easily be fooled and would come close to sniff them.  Whether it’s a wedding, an engagement party, a birthday, an anniversary or just about any party at all, you deserve your garden-inspired setting.

Silk lilies are timeless – they exude elegance and life, and they are great as standalone vase décor, or for table centerpieces.  Or, you can try velvet roses to adorn your tables. Real flowers are wonderful, but why pay way more for something that wilts and attracts bees to the dining tables? Silk flowers never die, look amazingly fresh and are priced very affordably.

Today’s parties are made to be practical, yet elegant. So, don’t bother getting great big chairs for your guests. Simple chairs can be made to blend in with the motif of your party with chair slipcovers. They are available in several colors, materials, and styles to suit your every party motif. If lilac is your motif, liberally use silk lilacs with green leaves as décor, and choose an equally gentle color, such as light golden for your seat covers.

Finally, personalized napkins are something every guest will appreciate. Instead of plain white napkins, feel free to coordinate colors with your indoor garden motif. They help add a splash of color to the table, and are wonderful conversation starters.