Learning from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyu – “Life Embracing Divinity”

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is a collection of teachings and words of wisdom for mind-body-spirit cultivation.

Zhang Xinyue writes in her book that “A life-embracing Divinity is One that has relinquished reason, logic and perfection humans feel proud of.” When you accept a power greater than yourself it is not possible to find the reason or logic in everything that happens. Perfection will always allude to us as it is impossible to be perfect in an imperfect world. Having said that, we tend to waste a lot of time attempting to find that perfection.

Once you let go and embrace a life of divinity, the restrictions and struggles will fall away as acceptance and trust in the divine are more pronounced. Life will become less difficult when you decide to follow your heart and not try to find logical answers. Your life will take a turn for the better, with feelings of relaxation, peace, and delight when you stop fighting and accept a life embracing divinity.

This is a time of great revelation when miracles happen, and you will feel new sensations of tranquility and a sense of coming home. It is a place to trust and forget about the restrictions that you have lived by which have only caused pain.

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue explores the idea that all negative feelings are born out of fear. She believes that the answers to overcoming the negativity lie in dealing with the fear that is rooted in the past. Zhang Xinyue is an accomplished author of the inspiring book Create Abundance which was written in 2012. It has become a very popular book and has been translated from Chinese into many languages For more information visit Create Abundance