Katy Perry’s new video ‘Dark Horse’ under fire, controversial part has been removed instead

With almost 65000 signatures petitioning for the removal of Katy Perry’s new video titled ‘Dark Horse’, a part of the music video has been edited as a result.Image result for katy perry dark horse

In explaining the reason for the Change.org petition to remove the video, Shazad Iqbal, said, “Blasphemy is clearly conveyed in the video since Katy Perry – who appears to be representing an opposition of God – engulfs the believer and the word “God” in flames.”

In fact, the person he is referring to in the video is wearing an ‘Allah’ pendant and then is struck by lightning which causes him to disintegrate into sand. He goes on to say that using the name of God in such a distasteful manner would be considered inappropriate not just by Muslims but by other religions too.

Considering the number of signatures, the video has not been pulled. However, the part where the gold pendant appears in the video has been clipped so as to only show a gold chain.

After the name of Allah was removed from the video, he expressed his thanks to all who supported the cause and felt that it was a step in the right direction.

The singer, Perry, is dressed as an Ancient Egyptian princess in the music video featuring cat human hybrids that engage in pole-dancing.

It still remains unclear as to which entity, either YouTube or even the singer’s record company had made these changes.