Kaki West’s Picture-Perfect Makeup Tips

Written by Kaki West

Kaki West PicsAs a model and actress who is always in front of the camera, it’s part of my job to have a flawless complexion. Fortunately, I get to work with talented make up artists — like Evelyn Ramirez — who know how to apply makeup that can stand up to the magnifying power of digital photography (See Kaki West Pics). There are many techniques I’ve learned throughout the years, but here are the two most important tips on how to get a picture-perfect complexion.

Start with a clean foundation. Preparing the face for makeup is as important as the makeup itself. Without a clean foundation, you won’t achieve a flawless complexion. Before you apply makeup, properly clean, tone, moisturize, and prime your skin before a photo shoot. This means using quality products designed for your skin type and using them in the right order.

Say yes to airbrush makeup. It’s nearly impossible to get a superior finish without the help of airbrush makeup, a fast, long-lasting, and effective way to get camera-ready. If you work as a model, chances are your makeup artist will apply airbrush makeup when he/she believes it’s necessary. Airbrush is also great for bridal makeup, family photos, and headshots. What’s more, airbrush makeup produces a picture-perfect complexion without clogging up your pores. So whenever possible, embrace airbrush makeup and don’t forget to smile!

Kaki West is a model, actress, and television host who lives in New York City. To read more makeup tips or to see the latest Kaki West images, visit her blog now.