How to Write the Best Personalized Books

If you are an author, the best kind of book you can write is one that can be personalized to everyone, so that you convey an overarching sense of connection to your community, the world, anything.  The best personalized books often come from authors with a wide range of life experiences and worldliness, especially those who donate their time to people less fortunate than themselves – which might not be many people, depending on how far up the best seller list you are, or aren’t.  Authors who connect with other people, and especially those who connect with children personalized books, often have the most success appealing to a wide audience.  If you are worried about the appeal of a book that you have written, the best test is to give the book to people who represent a wide variety of types, and see what they think.  You can choose people of different races, socioeconomic classes, cultural heritages, ages, and genders, to help you see what your book must do to appeal to everyone.
If you are one of those authors that listens to music when you write, anything from Bon Jovi, to happy birthday cds, then it’s time to turn off the music and come out of the shell.  The best place to absorb culture in a city would be a park or a coffee shop, some place bustling with life and people.  Take it all in for a while before you begin to write, and you will have your story.