How to spot a fake wholesaler.

With summer starting up it’s a great time to get into business and market yourself for the summer, if its an online shop or local it’s easier than you think. Though beware the dangers of fake wholesalers, when you are purchasing your wholesale sunglasses or wholesale swimsuits for the summer there are many people online praying on people looking to start up quickly, but there are safe alternatives.

A fake wholesaler can sometimes be spotted by fake and huge amounts of advertisement, though some start up wholesalers will advertise a lot most of them have small margins and make their money on the volume of clothing or jewelry purchased. Fees to register on their site or see their product, this is always something that should set off red flags and is one of the most sketchy moves ever. There are a few legitimate places that cost a fee, but its important to not take the risk and to do your research first, try to talk to the people you will be working with before deciding. Places without an address or phone number can also be rather suspicious, if they give no way to contact them¬† how do you know that you are guaranteed anything if something goes wrong with a shipment? Also feel free to ask for a sample product, fake wholesalers can get nervous at this but real wholesalers are much more than happy to do so, but at a higher cost usually then buying in bulk (per item, of course.). Also if something isn’t in stock but they require you to still pay upfront, be wary! Starting up a business can be fun and rewarding, but be safe and smart!