How to Measure for Foam Inserts for Your Furniture

When preparing to replace foam inserts for indoor or outdoor furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind. These days you can find many types of foam available. This will likely be your first determination. Decide what type of foam you’d like for the cushions. Memory foam is a good choice, but so is conventional foam and latex foam. Convoluted foam is still used in a good many projects such as making your mattress softer.

Foam inserts are available in many shapes and sizes but there are websites such as The Foam Factory that will cut your cushions to any shape you like. You can start from scratch and order foam cushions, then cover them in a favorite fabric. Or you may just want to replace foam inserts and use the old covers.

Remember that foam rubber does wear out. It gets old and smelly. At a certain point, it can release a fine dust that is bad for your health. It’s a good idea to replace your seat cushions before this happens.

In addition to the consistency breaking down, sweat and spills can damage your foam inserts. If you’re using them in a dining room, camper or boat, this is especially true. Your family might spill sticky colas, water, coffee or wine on the seat cushion. Once foam gets wet, it can mildew. After a while, you’ll notice that it’s lumpy and no longer performs well.

The Foam Factory has foam inserts in many types of foam rubber and in all sizes. Or you can have the seat cushions cut to order.