How to get the best from your employees without burning them out?

Maximizing productivity is key to ensuring your business stays competitive and makes sufficient profits. Although good employees are costly, making them more productive will lower their costs. Here are some simple tips to help you get the best from your employees.

Minimize the red tape – Employees will get frustrated if they need to get permission or approval from a long list of people to start a job or a project. Look at updating your old policies and procedure manuals to help your employees minimize

Be liberal with non-financial benefits – Paying your employees more might not be possible due to budget constraints, but nonfinancial benefits like flexible hours, work from home options or setting up a room for a quick nap, can often be what employees need to work harder.

Ditch the performance review – Performance reviews, especially for small businesses, are a waste of time. Look at improving your manager’s skill set so that they can manage better, which intern will improve their relationship with their subordinates.

Establish a way to report and address problems – Employees should have a way to report their problems to the management. Look at a policy and procedure manual that will state how a problem is reported and handled.

Trust your employees to do what they do best – Trust that your employees will do their best and provide them with guidance and advice that will help them establish their goals. Avoid micro managing and setting unrealistic deadlines, that will demotivate your employees and cause them to look elsewhere for work.