Habits that tend to weaken teeth

Article written byElite Dental Group

Teeth take a fair beating and are estimated to take 30,000 chews per day. Wear and tear on teeth can also increase with certain habits which cause teeth to break, chip and decay. Here are some common habits that tend to weaken teeth.

Brushing after each meal – Brushing twice daily is recommended by all dentists unless specified. Brushing too often can weaken teeth by weakening a person’s enamel which can result in decay. Instead, consider rinsing your mouth with water after each meal.

Adult beverages – Drinks with alcohol and high levels of sugar such as cocktails can cause enamel softening and increase the levels of bacteria in the mouth. instead, opt for low sugar alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer.

Stress – High-stress levels can cause people to grind their teeth which can cause chips and cracks.

Heavy-handed brushing – Brushing too hard can cause damage to a person’s teeth, enamel, and cause gums to recede. Dentists advise to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and follow a circular gentle motion.

Sugar-free foods – Although most people think that sugar-free foods are good for teeth, they usually contain acid additives and low PH levels which cause enamel damage up to 30-50 %.

Bottled water – Bottled water contains no fluoride which can affect the amount of fluoride a person consumes. Tap water contains fluoride which helps to protect teeth against tooth decay. If you find it difficult to drink tap water, consider investing in a filter that will improve its taste.

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