Gold Bullion Coins and The Morgan Dollar

Gold bullion coins are gold coins in bulk form. Bullion can either be made into ingots or bars or made into coins.   Coin collectors prefer to buy coins as compared to bullion but it is said that bullion cost less, but it also depends on what precious metal it is made from. Gold is the most precious metal there is and gold coins are mostly made out of more gold than any other metal, which makes it a lot harder to fake. Silver comes in close second. When turned into coins, precious metals are combined with other metals like copper.

One of the most popular coins among coin collectors is the Morgan dollar . It is a United States coin minted in the late 1800’s and was in circulation from 1878 until 1928. It bears the face of Lady Liberty on one side and an eagle clasping an olive branch and arrows. It is a silver coin made from 90% silver and 10% copper.

The condition of the coin, the year it was in circulation and it’s over all quality are a few of the things coin collectors look at to determine coin value. Coin collecting is a hobby that started a few decades after the invention of the coin. It doesn’t necessarily mean that just because a coin is old that it is valuable. It has to be in good quality condition with minimal scratches or damages to it. However, the rarer the coin the more expensive it can be.