Five tough sports to take up in your 30s

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If you are hitting 30 and you want to get into shape, now is your chance to reverse the damage of a few bad habits and get in the best shape of your life. Here are a few sports that can get you fit at 30.

Boxing – A lot of fitness centers offer boxing classes that will help you practice your form and get in a good workout. Invest in some good quality boxing gloves and shoes to ensure you get the most out of your workout.

Climbing – Climbing is a sport that will challenge you and help you learn new techniques that will make you a successful climber. Start off by learning simple techniques indoors, before you look at an outdoor climb. Remember that older climbers are more successful as they tend to be calmer and more prepared for their climb.

Swimming – Swimming is a low impact sport that will help you improve your health without causing injury. If you want to make your swimming more challenging, try to increase your speed while perfecting form.

Tennis – Tennis is a challenging sport as you will be running, walking and hitting the ball throughout your game. This full body sport will get you fit in less than a month.

Rowing – Rowing seems easy, but it is a challenging sport that will work your arms, abs and your thighs. Look at joining a rowing club and include a long session on weekends for the best results.