Diindolylmethane – Cure for Cancer?

Oh yes, there are certain vegetables that are good for your health, and is termed as an immune system booster especially when they come in the dietary supplement form. Specifically, the vegetables that come from the Brassica family which include cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and so on and so forth, and have been known to reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer.

One of the substances found in these vegetables is known medically as Diindolylmethane, and is known to have anti-cancer as well as immune strengthening properties, and is currently being tested for its properties so that they can be used to cure bacterial and viral diseases apart from just cancer.

Even though scientists are validating its benefits right now, DIM as well as Selenium and Sulforaphane work together to lower the risk of cancer as well as strengthen one’s immune system. However, prior to discovering this compound and its benefits, it was known that these vegetables were vital to lowering the risk of cancer. Since the effect of this compound is not fully known, it is still in the phase of clinical trials and testing for the aforementioned diseases.

However, whatever has been found so far gives scientists and researchers the impetus to explore the possibilities of using this compound along with the other two mentioned to find a permanent and effective cure for cancer.