Clean Your Own Jewelry like A Pro with These Fool-Proof Techniques

Article by Christian.Jewelry.

Ever wondered how a jeweler keeps their high quality cubic zirconia engagement ring appears potless? Keeping our jewelry tarnish-free will prolong its elegant look. There are many and easy ways to clean our own jewelry at the comfort of our own home. Whether you need to clean your gold wedding band or a 3 stone cubic zirconia ring, you will only need a few common household items to make them sparkle just like new.

When it comes to jewelry, the one thing that you need to remember is to remove them when you need to wash your hand or shower. The chlorine in high temperature baths can cause permanent damage and discoloration on your jewelry. Soft metals such as silver can be cleaned using a soft sponge, while sturdier ones such as gold can be cleaned using an old soft bristle brush. You can soak gold jewelry in lukewarm water with a few drops of mild dish detergent. Brush it gently to remove films of dust and tarnish. Diamonds work best with soapy water, brush it lightly to clean corners and sides. Soapy water will awork for textured jewelry. You could even purchase a brass brush to polish textured jewelry.