Book Review: Create Abundance – The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, helps readers understand how to embrace the world with greater tenderness. She writes about the importance of opening ourselves up to the world around us. Sometimes we don’t see all the joys or the sorrows around us. But once we stop and take a hard look at our world, we will realize that we can make a difference if we will. If we venture out each day with a gentle, understanding heart, we’ll find ways to make the world a better place.

How Embrace the World with Compassion

Author and teacher of Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue, helps us to open up to the possibilities in the world around us. Imagine this! The whole cosmos is spinning each day. Life is taking place. There are millions of animals, trees, plants, birds and other life on our planet. Even the universe has life everywhere continually evolving.  We are part of this amazing cosmos!

As we explore the theory of Karma, we understand how important our actions are. When we sow compassion and kindness, we create positive events that can have lasting impact. By the same token, our negative actions create negative energy that goes out into the cosmos.

In nature, this is a well-known theme. If we plant melons, then melons will grow. If we plant an apple tree, we get apples. You cannot plant tomatoes and expect onions to grow. This never happens.  By the same token, if you sow kindness, then you’ll reap that but if you sow bitterness, then that’s what comes back to you. Every action has a similar reaction.