Bieber’s Downward Spiral Isn’t Much of a Surprise, Industry Experts Reveal

It was only 24 hours ago that Justin Bieber was making an announcement about his latest musical effort with Chance the Rapper on a song titled ‘Confident’.Image result for justin bieber downfall

It was only a few hours later that when at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game that he turned himself in to the authorities for assault, in front of journalists, screaming fans, curious onlookers and reporters.

This was the second time that he got arrested within a week and according to a number of industry experts, is a phase that has become inevitable for stars at Bieber’s level.

Speaking of level, not only is his every action, tweet and song analyzed by the media and fans alike but his number one fan spent thousands of dollars in plastic surgery so as to look like him. If that’s not enough, he also had his hair sold on eBay while the paparazzi and fans follow him, and in some cases, attack him as well.

Not only has he assaulted his neighbor’s home in California but was charged for assaulting a limousine driver in Toronto. To top it all, he was arrested in Miami for drag racing with a rented Lamborghini.

With every charge leveled at him, a petition with signatures from almost 100000 people to have him deported back to Canada, has also been sent to the White House, and to which, they have no choice but to respond to.

What’s obvious from it all is that his love for performing as a musician is clearly missing but most of all, the ruckus that he has caused, thanks to his antics over the last few weeks, seems sadly predictable.