3 Things We Learned From Adam Lambert’s Performance With Queen

As soon as Lambert performed ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for the American Idol judges, it was obvious that he had a soft corner for Queen.queen-lambert-performing-live-30

And considering how he performed so brilliantly with Queen later on only proved how much he owed the late Freddie Mercury.

Since then, Lambert has toured briefly with Queen while also being their frontman at the MTV Video Music Awards 2011.

And while he’s happy for what came out of American Idol, there are 3 things that we learned about his recent performances:

#1: Lambert can really sing

This isn’t the first time that Queen has tried to fill the shoes of the iconic Freddie Mercury. From Wyclef Jean to Robbie Williams to even Paul Rodgers. But it hasn’t been right until Lambert came along. With his performance of We are the Champions, Another one bites the dust and Killer Queen, it’s clear that he can really sing.

#2: Queen have a large number of hits

Apart from a large catalogue of Queen hits, they also did a few songs such “In the Lap of Gods” as well as “Who wants to live forever?”. Also, the show consisted of another Freddie Mercury song called ‘Love kills’ which was performed for a restored version of the silent film from 1927, Metropolis.

#3: May and Taylor are pros

Even if Adam Lambert stole the show, there’s no doubt that both May and Taylor, if not for being such pros, would have made him look better than he was. While May played more thrash and distortion, Taylor was truly adept with the drumsticks for songs such as “Radio Ga Ga” and “Another one bites the dust”.